Wildlife Watch iPhone App from Wildlife Alliance

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      Wildlife Watch iPhone App from Wildlife Alliance

      Hello all, I work at Wildlife Alliance and wanted to share our latest project with you.

      Cambodia offers a rich array of plant and animal species, many of which currently find themselves threatened. Wildlife Alliance, Trigger, Jeff Corwin Connect, and TRAFFIC partnered to create an educational app to aid the ongoing efforts to preserve this region's lush wildlife. Wildlife Watch provides both educational information on various Southeast Asian species and tools to aid conservation efforts.

      The app features:
      • Detailed information on Southeast Asian animal and plant species courtesy of TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade-monitoring network
      • Exclusive video clips featuring Jeff Corwin, courtesy of Jeff Corwin Connect
      • Incident Report feature lets you report illegal handling of animals directly to Wildlife Alliance
      • Learn what endangered wildlife are most frequently traded as, which are most threatened, and how to pick them out by their unique features
      • Enables you to search for species' info quickly and easily by their common market names or IUCN rating
      • Map of Cambodia showcases illegal wildlife "hotspot" areas which travelers should watch out for
      • Enables you to contribute to the app by submitting new wildlife photos through the Incident Report

      Let us join you on your travels! Check out the Wildlife Watch iPhone app for free here: App Store - Wildlife Watch

      Please share your thoughts on the app, and we hope you’ll find it to be a useful tool to support wildlife conservation.

      Wildlife Alliance